Friday, January 27, 2017

Ride it cowgirl!

Every January I attend a business conference. One of the highlights of this conference is the opportunity for Hot Hotel Monkey Sex! T and I have had some great sex while away from home where we feel slightly less inhibited so I always look forward to that.
My last orgasm was before Christmas, so we joke that I have not cum since last year even though that was only a month ago and I have been denied in the past for as long as 3 months. Still, I was thinking that being at the hotel would be a great time for me to be allowed to release.

I had bought some underwear for T for Christmas and had at that time bought a six pack of cotton panties in a variety of pastel colors. I definitely bought them for me! I had it mind that for the week of the conference I would wear these “everyday” regular panties for the week and I did.

The first night at the hotel, we were tired and just relaxing on the bed when T got up and brought something to the bed. “Give me your foot”, she said. The week before she had put nail polish on my toenails. She now had a bottle of bright red polish which she put on my toes. Wow! I will certainly notice that every time that I look at my bare feet.

The next evening was the social event. We had a fairly short time to prep before hand and I was surprised that T told me to get out my whipping implements. I got out the small flogger, crop and quirt that I had brought. She told me to get naked and stand in front of the mirror, holding on to the closet clothes pole. She then gave me a substantial whipping, front and back. When she started using the crop she commented on how loud it was. I don't know if someone who was not into kink would recognize the sound, but she kept up a steady whipping as people were walking and talking in the corridor just outside our door. She would not have done that in the past and I marveled at the progress she has made.

I dressed for the dinner in a garter belt that has an attached crotchless g-string and thigh high stockings.
The dinner was uneventful until I went to the bathroom and T walked with me to the men's room. She stopped and told me that I was to go pee like a woman. No use of the urinal and she told me that since it was a strange toilet, I was not to sit like usual, but I should lift the seat and squat over the bowl.
This was a very new experience for me, made a little more difficult when you have to hold your penis down to point into the bowl. Nobody would know what I was doing in the booth, but I was still embarrassed. To top it off, one of my garters popped loose from the stocking and I had to struggle to re-attach it.

After dinner, we hurried back to the room. We undressed, well I kept on my lingerie, then made out for a short time until T told me to bend over the bed and she whipped my ass again. She was really hoping, as I was, that there would be some lasting marks to remember this by for a few days. Alas, there were only a few bruised dots from the knot on the quirt.

She then put a Chinese rope handcuffs on my wrists and tied my ankles and knees together and had me lay on my back on the bed. She teased my cock erect and rode my cock with her pussy for a few minutes. Then she told me to go get the strap on for her. I helped her put it on, then went down on her cock, sucking and licking it, only wishing that she could feel what I was doing for her cock.

I got her Hitachi magic wand then and she used it to give herself an incredibly squirting orgasm as she hosed down my leg. Then she asked if I wanted the strap on and I began rubbing it on my ass. I was soon very eager to have it in me, trying to shove it in without any lube. She had me get some lube though and lubed up her hard cock. I worked it into my boy pussy, a little difficult at first, but after a bit of fucking, I was riding that cock like a cowgirl. I fucked it hard and deep as she played the magic wand vibrator on the sensitive tip of my hard clit. I was delirious with pleasure and thought sure she would make me cum. Although she brought me to the edge several times, she had decided that she was not going to let me cum that night. Eventually she told me that she was tired and it was time to stop. I obediently pulled that long cock out of my man pussy. I removed the harness from her and cleaned everything up. Then I thanked her and we snuggled to sleep.

Yes, Hot Hotel Monkey Sex!

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sublove said...

Holy Cow Bill what fun! I linked over to your last post from the comment you left on mine to find a much ramped up version of T&D than I was sharing on my post! You said be careful what you wish for, but hot hotel monkey sex is definitely on my list.

It's great that you guys got some time away. It seems to take those times to get a good look at how far you've come in embracing and enjoying the lifestyle.

Keep it up!