Monday, January 02, 2017

New Year chastity

Happy New Year!
Although we did not accomplish what I had hoped for this year, that being renewing our wedding vows for our 30th anniversary with a FLR twist, it was a good year for gradual advancement.
T is feeling more confident and more accepting of things that used to be out of the picture.  She is more skilled and willing to whip me and her control of my orgasms (very rare) is common.
She has gone from acceptance to occasionally enabling my cross dressing and feminization.

This weekend, after taking advantage of my morning wood for some intercourse, T actually said that she wanted to have me wear the chastity device.  I was very surprised since she had little interest in it when I first bought one. I put it on and offered her the lock. She still thinks it is fairly ridiculous, too much effort and that I have a screw loose, but she did lock it. I wore it all day while doing some fairly physical work. I also requested that she put my leather collar on my neck.  I then slaved for her all day.
That evening she unlocked it and took the device off even though I would have been willing to wear it all night. She asked if I was okay to wear it the next day, of course I was.
This morning, she had to work and I had the day off, so I slept in and we did not put the chastity device on me before she left. She only worked half a day and we did some more heavy house work (digging and carrying buckets of dirt).  After that we showered before I made dinner. I have two different devices and I put the other one on, or was struggling to get it on when she entered the room.
She remarked that she thought that I was crazy to put it on since I still had a sore spot from the previous day. "But this one fits differently", I reasoned, as I tried to squeeze my balls through the ring.
I got it on and offered her the lock. She snapped the lock on and tossed the keys in the box. "There's the keys if you have to get out while I am working this evening". I told her that if it wasn't the first full day wearing it I would request that she take the keys with her.
It is my idea to wear the device so she is certainly not worried or even concerned at all about whether I take it off my self.  I am already in a state of self control of masturbation and request that she not allow me to orgasm for extended periods so that I can serve her better. I also have learned that sex is better for me with fewer, much better orgasms.
I don't know if she will have me wear the chastity device again any time soon, but feel that her telling me to wear it this weekend is progress.
She also said that she would reward me for working so hard for her this weekend and mentioned that after my doctor appointment this week, perhaps we could paint my toe nails.  That sounds very exciting.  During intercourse this week, she was whispering fantasies to me and talked about going someplace for a week where I could spend the whole time dressed up female and paint my finger nails too.  Sometimes those fantasies eventually become a reality!
She also whispered about telling other women about me scrubbing her kitchen floor while naked on my hands and knees. That would be so humiliating, but incredibly exciting.  Her fantasy was about telling her best friend and then having her come over to see me at work. That is one of my hottest fantasies, being dominated by my wife and her friend.

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sublove said...

Getting her best friend involved would certainly be searingly hot! All the best with that fantasy, what's awesome is that it appears to be a fantasy for both of you.

More proof that every FLR is different and that the man simply must learn to acquiesce to the desires of his Mistress/Wife/Queen/Princess. I would think that if your wife is interested in cross dressing you that the idea of putting you in chastity would fall in line with that. But alas that's not the case. Too bad for you, as it sounds like it's something that you not only need more of as a sub but that it would enhance your overall service and adoration towards her. My Queen has ZERO interest in cross dressing me and I don't see that ever happening but she has no qualms about locking me up for extended periods. We had about a 2 month period toward the end of the year where I was locked about 95% of the time. Only being free lang enough to serve and pleasure her to satisfaction and then back into lock up. it was the first such stretch for us and we both appreciated its effects. I have been currently unlocked since the middle of December however. I'm quite ready to "go under" again.

I don't know what devices you use but I suggest giving the Holy Trainer a try if you haven't yet. I've worn it during a variety of strenuous physical activities and for extended periods and have found it to be very manageable. Only a few moments of discomfort. Besides the morning wood issue...

All the best for 2017