Thursday, October 19, 2017

Bed bound

This past weekend, T and I got away for the weekend to a small resort. Of course, my plans were to have lots of kinky sex. Unfortunately the rustic room did not encourage too much, between the tiny shower stall and the proximity of neighbors through thin walls. Too bad, that heavy posted bed frame really stoked my fantasies.
I had come prepared with a new toy, a butt plug with a fox tail. I was hoping that T would put that in me and treat my like a dog, complete with collar and chain leash. Alas, that did not happen. I did present T with a temporary tattoo that said Property of T. She put it on my chest, over my heart.

Last year at this time, we took a vacation to the Florida Keys. We had awesome sex, including T trimming all the hair off my legs and pubes, then shaving me clean. I was hoping that she would be ready for me to be shorn and brought the electric hair trimmers.

She had me get those out and I got naked. She asked if I was sure that I wanted to do this. “Yes, please!”, I said. She trimmed off all the hair on my legs, then did my pubes all the way to my navel. “This will stay a five oclock shadow”, she said, “but get in the shower and shave your legs. I want it perfect!”.

I did my best in the poorly lit, tiny shower stall. Fortunately, she was not inspecting closely.
After that she had me get out some ropes and tied my hands over my head to the bed frame. She then straddled me and placed her wet pussy on my face. I ate her pussy with gusto. She ground on me and smothered me as my nose was deep between her ass cheeks. She teased my cock with her magic wand, then switched around and tried to ride my cock. For some reason, we just could not get it in to her pussy, even with a dollop of lube. Finally she untied me from the bed and had me stand up. She then used the rope to whip my ass. Some of the whipping caught my balls from behind. Then she had me turn around and whipped my cock with the rope. It got very hard now, even when she intentionally hit my balls. Some of those strikes were quite painful, but I kept on offering them up for more.

She then laid down on the bed and said that she wanted my to put my cock in her pussy now. I did so and gave her a nice fucking. I am so lucky that she does enjoy this as I have read of some dommes who do not allow their subs to enter them anymore. It is a hot fantasy to be made a born again virgin for the rest of my life, but I do like getting to have intercourse.

I was getting close to cumming and T pushed me off. She used her magic wand to bring herself to tow orgasms. After she came, I licked her pussy gently.

She drifted off to sleep, but of course I was still ready to go! I have hinted to T in the past that if she was not interested in sex, she could just tie me up or put me in some sort of torture while she watched tv or read. I put a pair of nipple suckers on and put a jewelled butt plug up my ass. Then I used a set of chinese handcuffs ( red ropes looped togther) to tie my hands over my head to the bed post. They were very tight to get my hand through and I knew that I could not get them off myself. I was naked and helpless until she woke to release me. I writhed on the butt plug as our neighbors talked loudly on the porch outside our door. What would they think if they knew a naked man was tied to the bed less than ten feet away?

I think I may have dozed a little, but mainly I was awake. My shoulders ached, but this was something I have craved, to be helplessly bound for more than just a few minutes. Finally T woke up. She was somewhat surprised to see my state, but it was not something totally unexpected. She rolled over and put her knees up in front of me. She knows that I have a strange kink of grinding my balls on her knees. I strained in my bonds and pressed my balls against her. She apparently finds this to be soothing and drifted off to sleep again. I ground my balls against her for over half an hour. The next time she woke and looked at the clock and realized we needed to be getting to dinner. She released my hands and I got up to dress. She asked if I could wear the plug for dinner. I was only to happy to do so. I dressed in black thigh high stockings with red lace tops and a black garter belt. A tight gray shirt showed off my stretched nipples. No panties for the evening. Such a slut.

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