Thursday, October 19, 2017

Pee like a girl

While traveling recently, T asked me to find a bathroom stop for her. I pulled into a Dunkin Donuts and we both went in. She headed to the women's and I to the mens. The green vacant symbol was showing on the door as I turned the knob and opened the door. A man inside exclaimed in panic”There's someone in here!”. “Sorry” I said as I shut the door. I waited outside of the door until T came out of the women's room. She apparently had heard what happened. She told me “Use the women's”. I was rather surprised at this and did not respond. “I mean it”, she said, “ Go in the women's bathroom and pee like a girl!”. I hesitated for a moment, glanced around quickly, and went in.
I usually pee sitting down anyway these days when I am using a coed toilet, like at home and at my office. I am wearing panties, so it does make sense to sit. I dropped my jeans and panties and sat to pee, "like a girl".

I came out of the bathroom warily, wondering what I would say if there should be a woman waiting to enter. The only one there was T, enjoying my embarrassment.

This was certainly a step forward in her control, and in placing me in a position of potential public humiliation. Rather scary, but exciting.

Using the bathroom at Dunkin Donuts will never be the same.  

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