Wednesday, May 30, 2012

GOOD morning

GOOD Morning!
Yes it was!  I went to bed last night and TW stayed up watching a movie.  I barely stirred when she came to bed, but I did notice that she was naked, which is unusual.  This morning I took advantage of her knees in front of me and placed my cock and balls upon them.  After a few minutes she rolled over and presented me with her bare bottom.  I played with her ass for a while then moved around to her pussy and fondled her until we were both getting hot.  She then reached over to her bed side table and pulled out 2 golf balls and gave them to me to place inside her.  I put the first one in my mouth to get it wet first, then slid it in her cunt.  I put the next one in my mouth, but this one I transferred direct from my mouth to her pussy, and then proceeded to eat her out.  Eventually I put several fingers in her too along with the golf balls.  While I was eating her out she was really getting in to it and trapping my head between her thighs and pulling my hair.  Then she put her feet on my back and held me down while she humped her pussy against my face.  This was almost as hot for me as the pussy eating was for her.  I was grunting and groaning and really getting in to it too.  She does like getting fucked and she told me to put my cock in her. I had no problem getting in there with the golf balls.  I screwed her for a while and tried really hard not to come.  She asked if I wanted to and I said that I was trying not too and that I was willing to hold off as long as possible if she wanted me to if that was 10 minutes, 1 hour, 10 hours or days.  She said that she would let me know if I could come.  Then she released me and told me to get up and lock the door just in case our daughter woke up.
Then TW told me to gather up all the belts I could find. She had a lot of them hanging up on hooks on the wall.  I laid them out on the bed along with a long scarf I found.  I wasn’t sure what she had in mind to do with the belts, but then she told me to stand in front of her and she started buckling them around me, starting at my chest and working down.  I exhaled and tried to give her room to make them as tight as possible.  There must have been 10 of them and she put them down my belly and the last three were around my thighs.  She said “you missed one”, and pointed to a heavy leather belt with no buckle that is on my side of the room.   I gave her that one and she started lightly slapping me with it.  She was smacking my cock with it and I was loving it. Next she told me to pull one of the golf balls out of her pussy and hold it in my mouth.  She got the Magic Wand vibrator and told me to whip myself with that belt while she masturbated.  I whipped my belly and my cock.  A few times I hit my balls, oh that hurt.  I didn’t want to make too much noise with the belt just in case the daughter could hear, so mainly I whipped my cock.  Finally she did come and I immediately went down on her.  She wanted me to get the other ball out of her pussy, but it wasn’t coming out so she had me lay on my back and she straddled my face, pinning my arms with her legs and plastered her pussy on my mouth.  Within moments, the fluid in her pussy was gushing out into my mouth.  I had to swallow face to keep from drowning. At one point I couldn’t keep up and it was running over my face and into my eye.  Finally she managed to bear down and push that ball into my mouth. 

TW said it was time for me to fuck her and for me to come, but she wanted me to keep that golf ball in my mouth when I did.  It felt so good to sink my tortured cock into her soaking wet cunt.  She rode my hard and I couldn’t move much with all the belts on me and the scarf tied around my wrists.  I didn’t last long and tried to mumble out a request for permission to come. She told me I could and as I exploded I was groaning out “Thank you Mistress”. This had to be one of the most incredible orgasms I have ever felt.
This was such a hot scene.  TW said she really enjoyed the fact that she was enjoying herself with the magic wand as I was suffering in pain with my whipping and that she wasn’t in a hurry to finish as she knew I enjoyed my pain.   This evening I told her that I had really enjoyed our morning.
We are both rather amazed at what hot sex we have been having in the last few months since I told her that I really want to please her and submit to her.  The great thing is that she is seeing the benefit to her and is enjoying a very active role.

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