Saturday, May 12, 2012

Home alone journal and the follow up

I wrote this about a month ago. The first half I wrote as a journal during the day of the things I was doing while TW was away for the day.  Then I added some on at the end that is more of a blog post.  

My day of self inflicted tease and sexual torture, to keep me thinking of my beautiful sexy wife while she is away. 

We had some very hot sex last night, spinning a fantasy story about us being in a leather workers shop and what might happen there. I particularly liked the part where she gets the remote controlled vibrator, but when she asks for more they flog and crop me when she gets the vibe.  She really wants to come and we are required to stare at each other as I give her silent assent to take her pleasure at my expense. We have such good fantasies!

She finally used her vibrator and came, I did not.  I was wearing the leather velcro strap around my cock and balls. She asked if I wanted to finish, I said that I honestly wanted to stay horny through the night.  I was.  Kept the strap on all night.  Woke once during the night and was going down stairs to tend fire, saw that I had left the garage light on.  She said she would have me go out naked to turn off, but it is raining.  After tending the fire I took off my robe and went out naked in the rain to turn off the light.  I like her suggestions.

I woke up in the morning and pressed my swollen balls against her upraised knee and thought about what might happen if she pulled her knee upward.  It was scary but enticing.
After she woke we screwed for awhile.  She decided that she wanted to not come then either and remain horny for the day.  She sucked my left nipple very hard and gave me a nice crescent shaped hicky around my nipple.  Later I thanked her for it.  I ate her pussy as I humped her knee with my cock and balls. I ground my swollen balls hard against her knee and fantasized about her taking possession of the most delicate part of my body to use and abuse.  Then fucked the back of her bent knee, it was very hot.  We finally dragged ourselves off to the shower, I asked her to remove the strap for me so it wouldn't get wet.

Lunch time 2pm
Placed ball stretcher on balls, very difficult to apply.
Clipped double ended snap hooks on to hanging loops outside of my boxers.
Put clear suckers on my nipples with cinnamon chap stick.
Took my pants off while eating and hung gates of hell with heavy steel rings from the stretcher, sat on edge of chair with the weights hanging down.
Cock is semi erect and oozing precum leaving wet spots on my shorts
Brought more firewood to porch with wheelbarrow.  Having clanging rings hanging from your nuts makes you feel very slave-like, note to wife for future use.
Emptied dishwasher while naked and weights jangling.  Added weights of beaters and large whisk.
Spanked my ass with the large black spatula, punishment for not cleaning frying pan properly. Yes I washed spatula after.  Added cast iron frying pan to ball weights to carry it from sink to oven.  Wow, that's heavy, won't do that for long.
Removed ball stretcher and nipple suckers.  Nipples are big, balls ache, ass is pink. Cock dripping precum.
Tied thread around nipples, put 1” neoprene/velcro band around base of scrotum. Got dressed.
Ass was fading, whipped it good with a heavy leather belt, will feel that for a while.

Took out trash and went to pharmacy to get wipes.  Picked up a hair clip for genital/nipple torture at half price.

4pm Removed  ball strap. Used small black flogger on cock & balls. Tried out the hair clip, it has LOTS of little points inside that bite hard on the cock head.  Scrotum is less intense.  Masturbated to the edge of orgasm and stopped, licked up precum. Used riding crop very hard on belly and pubic mound, may leave some nice marks.

4:30  Strapped a wide leather belt around my waist over the red cropped area and buckled it very tight.
5:10 Belt has to come off, can't bend at the waist while working in garage.

6pm Stripped naked, flogged ass and inner thighs with large flogger.  Gagged myself with used panties and brought to edge of orgasm while flogging scrotum with large flogger.  Licked up precum and put on leather velcro strap.
Went to dinner.

Stripped naked for inspection.  Nice red marks on belly, a little redness on ass.  Surprisingly the strings are still tied on my nipples.  Spanked my ass hard with the rooster.  That thing packs a wallop, especially without a warmup.  Ass has a nice warm glow now.  Tied a crotch harness on with a lightweight green rope.  Red and green looks nice together.
Got dressed to look forward to the return of my wonderful wife.
Hope she is not too tired to appreciate this tonight.
If so that's ok, I'll stay horny for her for another night.

9:00 She finally got home.  By time everyone settled down and we had a moment to talk it was nearly 10 and as expected she was very tired.  I did tell her about this little journal I kept of my activities for the day so that I could remember everything and give her a complete accounting. She perked up enough to read it and found it very interesting.  We proceeded to talk for quite awhile.  She mentioned that she thought this was very interesting reading what I thought and did.  I decided this was the time to come clean with the fact that I have been doing just that in keeping a blog of our sexual activities for over 3 years.  She was of course very surprised, but also very interested. We talked for quite a while about sexual relationships.  I told her that I had learned a lot from blogs and that a lot of the change in my efforts recently were due to my interest in female led relationships, tease and denial and female domination.  I told her that I understood if it was not really her thing, but it is mine and I can not change.  She has enjoyed some of the benefits of this and really likes the part about being put on a pedestal and my doing all I can to please her.
Eventually though we were both very tired and I assured her that I would be fine going to sleep in this state even though I had kept myself at a high state of arousal for most of the day.  Our daughter was going to be away for the afternoon the next day and we could look forward to some great play time.
By now I had the rope harness on for close to three hours already and went to bed naked wearing only that.

I woke up horny several times during the night, the last time being at about 6:30 am. WE didn't have to get up till at least 8, so I just laid there thinking about sex.  Fantasized some about my balls being on her knee as she slept with her leg pulled up.  Thought it would be hot to have my crotch tied to her leg.  At 7 I proceeded to stealthily unwrap the rope harness from around my waist and crotch. Finally got it undone with just the section tied to my cock and balls left.  My plan was to as smoothly as possible tie my genitals to her knee.  I knew this would probably wake her, maybe I could at least have my nuts in place for any sudden moves of her leg.  Just as I started to make my move, she rolled over and took her leg away.  Darn!  But then she got up to go to the bathroom.  Time to take some action, I draped the loose end of the rope over her pillow.  When she returned, she knew what the rope was attached to right away.  She tugged on the rope, then fondled my cock and balls.  I told of my plans to attach myself to her leg.  She got on the bed facedown over some pillows and said she wanted that hard cock inside her.
I obliged for awhile, but we both wanted to hold off until later.  Finally, I pulled out and humped her leg, tying my cock to the back of her leg.  We were enjoying this, but I wanted to lick her pussy, so loosened up the rope and slid down her leg.  I was very surprised by her heel landing in my ass crack.  It actually felt pretty good as I humped and ground on it.  She told me to reach back and spread my ass wide and grind her heel.  It was feeling really good and then she told me to grind my fist into her pussy like her heel was in my ass.  We were both grinding like mad when she brought her other foot into play. She has very dexterous toes and she fondled my cock and tugged my scrotum with those toes.  I told her I had never had a foot fetish before but was sure that she could train me to have one.
Well, we did need to get up and shower before church, so we dragged ourselves off each other and did so.

Later, when we were alone, we did some chores, I showed her that I was prepped with two elastic hair bands around my cock and balls and clear plastic nipple suckers doing their thing.

I worked in the garage for a while, then got out my toy boxes of ropes.  WE got naked and I tied a crotch harness on her and bound her breasts.  The ropes through her crotch were placed to hold her pussy lips open and her cunt as revealed as possible.  Then we did the same with me, tying a tight binding around by cock and balls, then a couple tight wraps around my chest which really made those nipple suckers stand out.  We also placed the suction cups from a snake bite kit on her nipples.  She started vacuuming the kitchen floor dressed in only her ropes, while I put my clothes back on to return to the garage.  I couldn't resist pulling my belt from my pants and encouraging her to do a good job by whipping her ass and back as she vacuumed.

Halfway through my work I came in to check on her.  She asked me to get a couple golf balls from the porch.  She said she was always intrigued by benwa balls and then washed and sanitized the balls, then had me place them in her pussy.  The first one went in easily, the second had some trouble finding a place to go in there, but it fit in. I wonder what it felt like to her, maybe someday she will join me in some writing so we can find out! The balls wanted to pop back out so I put a couple wraps of the rope to the center to go right over her opening and help keep them inside.  I left her with the balls inside to work on her chores.

After my work was done, I came back in the house.  She was starting to scrub the kitchen floor on her hands and knees.  This definitely required a whipping, so I pulled my belt off my pants.  It was so hot to see her scrubbing on her hands and knees, naked and wrapped in ropes.  I whipped her ass, back, and as much of her breasts, belly and pussy as I could hit.  When she was halfway done, I told her to leave some for me to do.  She got up and I got down on the floor, draped the belt over my back and started scrubbing.  She did a great job of whipping me, some of the hits really stung a lot and there were quite a few to my belly and chest where the tip of the belt wrapped and left a good welt.  I certainly didn't rush though, it was a great chance to have her whip me longer and harder than I get usually, including many to my cock and balls and my very accessible ass hole.  Finally she pulled me up from the floor, plucked the nipple suckers from my nipples and sucked my nipples.  We were both extremely hot. 

She shyly told me that she had tried the vacuum cleaner on herself and offered to show me.  This really blew me away as I never thought she would go for something like that.  She continues to amaze me.  She took the snake bite suckers off her nipples and got the vacuum.  She first used the part that has four holes around the tube so she could control the suction somewhat by closing some of the holes with her fingers.  It was so hot to see her suck her nipples into that thing and see through the hole in the pipe the nipple stretched out. After a few tries she was closing all the holes.  Then I took off my shirt and she tried  it on my nipples.  Wow, That was hot.  It was cumbersome so she switched to the tube with no holes and just went with full suction. When she sucked her nipple in and let the hose dangle from her stretched breast it was amazing.  I used the vacuum on her nipples, her belly and as much of her pubic mound as I could get to through all the ropes.  Then she used it on me, when she approached my cock with it a strand of precum was pulled from my cock to the vacuum, that was pretty cool.  She sucked my cock into the hose and stretched it out.  Soon it was hard and wouldn't fit inside the hose. Then she let it suck my cock head and let the full weight of the hose hang from me.  Finally she pulled it off my cock and sucked the hose on to my balls, one at a time them the scrotum in between.  This was certainly one of the kinkiest things we have done and it did not even require any store bought sex toys!
Again, she amazes me with some of the things she initiates.  I never thought this Catholic girl nurse would put golf balls in her cunt and suck her nipples with the vacuum cleaner.

We went to the living room and had a great time sucking and kissing each other.  I wanted to kiss her pussy and got down on the floor and put my head on a chair, face up for her to sit on me.  It was hard to get a good position for her, so she put some blankets on the floor and had me lay down on my back and sat on my face.  I was in heaven as I ate her out. We had a great 69 as she sucked my cock and balls.  Towards the end she sat very firmly on my face, I only wish it was for a longer time, I fantasize about having her smother me with her pussy and ass firmly planted on my face.

Then we switched places, she got on her knees and asked me to screw her.  After being erect more times than I could count in the last 2 days, I was having a little trouble at the moment getting good and hard. I was rubbing my cock with my hand as she used the magic wand on her clit.  I felt a sudden feeling like I needed to pee and then there was wet stuff in my hand.  I thought it was a lot of precum and licked it up only to find it was definitely come.  It sure didn't feel like and orgasm, so maybe this is what they call a ruined orgasm.  I quickly stuffed my cock in her pussy before it could fade away and fucked her fast and hard and had a mind blowing orgasm in no time. 

She then laid on her back and I retrieved that golf balls from her pussy, then she brought herself to an orgasm with the Magic Wand while I tugged her nipples.  I had been thinking prior to my orgasm that it would be hot if she made me eat her pussy after I came in it.  After I tasted my cum, I wasn't so eager to eat it, but she came with really white looking cum that I would gladly lick up.  I do hope that someday she can dominate me to the point of making me eat my cum from her pussy, I think it would be really hot to have her sit on my face and make me eat it when my desire has waned.

After we recovered from the immediate aftermath of our orgasms we talked a little more about our sexuality. She said she is amazed that after all these years she is still learning things about me. I am amazed that after all these years she can still surprise me with things she is willing to try and do.  We are both amazed that after all these years of hot sex that it just keeps on getting even better.  Who knows where we will be five years from now?

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