Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Bend over and butter up

Saturday morning I woke horny and daydreamed of sex as T slept. Finally she woke at nearly 10am. We really needed that extra sleep. I told T that I had been thinking of making breakfast for her while nude and perhaps she could encourage me around the kitchen with a wooden spoon. We had our shower and she got dressed while I only put on my robe. I made her breakfast and she teased me a few times as I worked at the stove and counter. After breakfast as I wiped the counter she came up behind me and pointed out some spots I had “missed”. She fondled my ass as I bent over further. Then she opened a drawer and got out a spatula and started spanking my ass with it. I was getting aroused quickly. She tried a few different implements and I finally took off my robe entirely. She kept getting more things out to use on me including spatulas and wooden spoons including some very big heavy ones. I was totally enjoying it as she paddled my ass very rosy red. She even spread my cheeks and paddled right into my crack. I was up on my toes trying to open my self as much as possible. She was blowing air on my ass hole as I panted in lust. The big surprise was when she got out the butter dish and put a big glob of butter on my asshole. She smeared it around and it started to melt. She was looking for something with a useable shape and finally settled on the plastic handle of a spatula and started working it into my ass. She started out slow and it soon started to feel really good to me. Then she started spanking my ass, my cock and even my balls as she worked that handle into my ass. I was so excited as I thought of a recent story I read by Strict Julie where she played doctor with her husband and spanked him hard as she worked a series of dildoes up his ass.
T then got down in front of me and had me hold the spatula up my ass. She took a scoop of frosting off the cake on the counter and smeared it on my hard hot cock and then stuffed it in her mouth. She sucked me wonderfully as I fucked my ass with that handle. I must have been getting my prostate pretty well because I had the most incredible orgasm ever. I was yelling out loud for the longest most intense come ever. I don't know how I ever remained standing through it.
After I came back to the real world T helped pull the spatula handle out of my ass and wiped it off. She said I could take a shower to clean up the butter from my ass. I decided to wash the dishes that had been used on my ass while I was still naked and servile before showering.
I guess my service manner didn't last all day and T mentioned a few times when she indicated she wanted me to do something and I was hesitant to react. That evening she got out the leather cock strap and locked it on me. An hour later we were folding laundry and she said the she expected me to fold her underwear and in the proper way. So I made sure that I knew how she wanted them folded as I usually don't fold things the same way she does. After I got all done she came over and said “You didn't kiss them!” and tossed them back in the basket for me to do over . I was quite surprised at this response. I had briefly thought of doing so but decided she might think it was foolish. Apparently her dominance was lasting longer than my submissiveness today. After I kissed, folded and stacked each one she said that I hadn't kissed them in the crotch of the panties and threatened to make me do it all over again. Wow! There is hope here yet. She really is naturally dominant and she just needs to get over the attitude that it is not proper for a wife to dominate her husband. We are certainly making progress there although I don't think I would want her to be as harsh to me as she is with our daughter. I wore the locked cock and ball strap through the night and she took it off me the following morning before our shower.

We talked a few times in the following days about my attitude after coming. She said “ Does that mean if I want you to do the things I want that I have to keep you from coming?”. I agreed that it would probably help. Anytime that I comment on my state of denial she reminds me that it was my idea. As the saying goes “Be careful what you wish for”.
She does seem to be gaining more of a dominant attitude towards me though, including feeling less guilty about causing me discomfort from denial or pain from spanking. She says that it helps to have positive feedback from me that it's okay with me too, so I made a point of thanking her several times for this session including bringing her a bouquet of flowers.
For some reason I deeply crave being spanked, paddled, flogged and cropped by her and can only imagine if things continue to progress as they have in the past year where we may be a few years from now.
We are having fun with great sex and totally love and respect each other.

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