Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Tied & Denied

Thursday is not a typical day for us to have sex, with work and meeting schedules. I had a rare occasion to have dinner with my sister at which I had a beer. In my middle age I am finding that alcohol and end of day tiredness can inhibit my sexual response.
I was surprised when we went to bed that T was appearing to be sexually interested. She hinted when I went upstairs that I could bind myself up or something. It was chilly in the room and my penis was hiding to say the least so I put on the hollow strapon over it. When she got in bed and found me already large and very had she was surprised. After a few minutes of intercourse I penetrated her with the dildo and fucked her for a few minutes but she doesn't really enjoy the strapon that much. No problem, she got her magic wand vibrator and started using that. I got out some rope and bound my cock and balls. My cock got hard then and with the tightness of the rope it got super hard and engorged. It became so tight it was shiny. I fucked her with that super hard cock. Then I pulled out and moved up to her face and put it in her mouth. It was super sensitive as she licked and sucked. I put my swollen balls in her mouth and had the inspiration to release enough rope to wrap around her head a few times and by doing so tied her mouth in place with my balls in her mouth. This was super hot as she was being force fucked in the mouth with my balls and my super hard cock rubbed up and down on her nose. Finally I untied her and popped my shiny, hard balls out of her mouth. She rolled over and I fucked her from behind. She got her magic wand vibrator and used that on her clit. The vibrations were getting me close so I pulled out and fucked her ass crack. She orgasmed as I humped her ass crack hard enough to bruise my cock as I found out later.
After she had a few minutes to recover she looked at my hard, frustrated cock and said that she thought this would be a permission night. I was excited to think this meant I might get permission to come, even though it had been less than week since my last come. Then she told me that I was to ask permission every time I needed to get up and pee and that I would also need to kiss her pussy each time. Then she had me untie my cock and balls and use the rope to tie a leash around my waist attached to her wrist. We said good night and I tried to sleep despite my aching cock and swollen balls
The first time I woke in need I wasn't sure how best to go about waking her and decided just to go for the pussy kissing first. I wriggled around and got my face down to her pussy without tugging the rope on her wrist and dove in to her sloppy wet cunt. She woke up fairly quickly and enjoyed my method.
She needed to pee also and lead my to the bathroom by my leash. I had to listen to her peeing which made my need more urgent. Then she waited for me to go. I am still a little shy about doing this in her presence which is silly considering some of the other things we do together. It was easier in the dark and I told her that I would need more training to become better at peeing for her.
Twice more I woke during the night and woke T by going down on her. She had me untie her wrist since she didn't need to get up then.

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