Saturday, May 25, 2013

very nice

Started this Saturday morning sleeping late, then humping T's knees. After she went to the bathroom and closed the door behind her when she came back she started fondling my cock and asked if I had enjoyed my knee riding. I had placed a large steel ring around my cock and balls last night and slept naked with that on. I was eager to have some fun this morning. When she started talking about what were my favorites parts of the past weekends hotel sex, I got hard and ready to go. She rolled over into spoon position and encouraged me to enter her. The talk about last week's hotness had me ready to come in no time at all and I had to mentally distract myself as I knew I couldn't come this soon and certainly not without permission.

We continued fucking until we both were both too close and took a little break. Then changed position and screwed some more. Finally she pushed me away and I used my fingers on her but after a few minutes she stopped me and said she was not going to come either. During the screwing she asked if I had written about last weekend's sex and I told her I was only half done. She said that maybe after I got done writing about it I could come, in fact she wanted to read it and make sure I hadn't missed anything, then have me read it to her while I was coming.

As we were dressing after our shower I admired the silky blue panties she was putting on. “You're just jealous that you're not wearing them.” she said. Then she dug through her drawer and pulled out a pair of panties for me to wear. The rear and sides are burgundy with white polka dots, the front and crotch are white with pink and burgundy flowers with lace inserts in between the front and sides along with lace trimming the legs and waist finished off with two red bows. Very femmy, not so comfy. I've been wearing them all day along with the steel ring. Now I better finish writing about last weekend if I want any chance to cum this weekend.

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