Saturday, May 25, 2013

hot hotel monkey sex part 2

The next day we needed to get going fairly early so there wasn't much sex play in the morning. It was a very busy day ending with dinner out with our college kids. I usually don't drink when I am hoping for a big sex night, but it was a drinking type of place and I was not planning on much that night since I knew that TW would be tired, so would I, and I was looking forward to the really big sex marathon to be the next morning, so I did have a beer.

I did mention someplace along the way as we were driving that I had brought something of hers to play with, and it wasn't her panties, but I would show her when we got back to the hotel. That something was her wide leather belt which I showed her when we got back to the room.
She got in bed and said she wanted me to lotion her legs again. I gladly did so, but it only got me hornier and her more relaxed. Eventually she was ready to go to sleep and I asked if it would be okay if I put on some bondage. Of course she didn't care as long as I didn't bother her. I put on the gates of hell, tied a rope harness around my chest, leather wrist cuffs, a chinese bondage rope tying my hands together and put on the nipple suckers. I got out all my whipping implements and set them in easy reach, just in case. Then I crawled into bed with my head under the covers as close as I could to her crotch. After a few minutes she rolled over and placed her ass by my face, which actually worked better. She fell asleep soon and after about half an hour I was feeling rather claustrophobic under there and crawled out. I slept all night with all that on, although the nipple suckers did get rubbed off eventually.

The next morning I got up and prepared breakfast in bed for TW and served it while naked. After we finished eating she asked me for the belt. I placed the handful of belt, floggers and crop on the bed. She said “Wow, you are really ambitious!”. She took the belt and told me to stand with my back to her. She said that I needed to be punished for bringing her belt without permission. It wasn't much of a reason for a whipping, but it would do! She whipped my ass quite well, then told me to turn around and spread my legs so she could whip my thighs. She belt striped my thighs, then started whipping my cock and balls. She was using an up swing to catch my balls and cock on the same stroke, then on my cock head on the down stroke. It was the hardest she had ever beat my cock and balls, the pain was delicious but it was just about all I could take then.

She was feeling rather dominant now and had me kiss her feet. I was thinking about what she had talked about the day before and just had to put her toe up my nose. This really got me going and I was frantically licking and sucking her toes, then managed to get a toe up each nostril while I sucked on her big toe. This basically cut off my breath and I kept it up until I was desperate to breath and took a gasping breath. So I was bringing this on my self and the only thing keeping me from breathing was opening my mouth, but it was still hot thinking I was being suffocated by her toes as I fantasized about her plugging my nose with her toes and planting her foot firmly across my mouth. The ultimate control, that of my breathing. What incredible trust that entails. Maybe someday, she will do that to me.

I'm not sure now what happened next but TW fixed the ropes tied around my chest since they had gotten loose. She did a much better chest harness, nice and tight that left red marks when it came off later. Then she had me lie on my back on the bed and checked to see what I had in my “toy” bag. She pulled out a vice I made with 2 two foot long dowels that clamp together with a bolt and wing nut at each end. She also got out the Aneros prostate massager and a handful of clothespins. She asked if I was up to some anal and I said “oh Yes!”. She also got another length of rope which she used to tie my hands spread up to the headboard and my feet spread wide to the foot of the bed. I don't know if she has ever tied me spread eagle like this before, but this was really hot and I told her I liked it a lot.

She put a couple clothespins on my scrotum, then started using the floggers on me from my chest to my thighs, with plenty of time in between flogging my cock and balls.

She then untied my feet and had me pull my legs up so she could get at my ass. She stroked the plug around my ass hole for a while then lubed me up and slowly inserted the plug. It felt terrific and I moaned with pleasure as she slowly stroked it in and out.
She got the riding crop and used that on me, knocking one of the nipple suckers off and giving my balls some good swats as she knocked the clothespins off them. She placed a clothespin on my nipple and I groaned in pain.
Now she put the vice on the base of my cock and balls and tightened the screws. I told her she could make it as tight as she wanted to as she put it on me in a vertical direction between my legs. My cock and balls were hard and swollen sticking out from the clamp. She pulled and twisted it from side to side. TW is so creative, she continues to surprise me after all these years. Now she took a rope and tied it to the nub at the end of the aneros, tied it around the vice at each and then put the loose end in my mouth for me to hold between my teeth. I could pull my head up and yank my cock and balls and tug the plug in my ass. This was mind absolutely mind blowing, but my wonderful wife then managed to climb on top of me and bury my engorged cock in her wet hot pussy. I was so far gone, I don't think anything could have topped that moment as she told me to come now as she rode me like a cowgirl. And I came like I have never come before. Absolutely incredible!

I don't know what happened next, but somehow TW managed to climb off me and we got all the ropes disengaged and the vice off my parts. Of course she had not come yet and she got started by putting her tits in the vice, looking very good I might add. Then she got the magic wand humming and I finger fucked her to her well deserved orgasm.

And THAT is what I call Hot Hotel Monkey Sex!!!!

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