Thursday, November 13, 2014

Birthday Beating

Our journey into kinky sex started many years ago with giving each other mutual birthday spankings each year. I always looked forward to giving and getting these spankings. As the years progressed of course the number of spanks increased. Even the yearly increase was not enough and I usually went for the standard count applied numerous times over various body parts, or numerous counts with different implements. Sometimes there was an uncounted warm up spanking before the hard ones started to be counted.
As my birthday drew closer this year my wife and occasional mistress asked what I wanted for my birthday. She knew of course that all I wanted was a good spanking session. I was fantasizing about variations on the spanking that I would like to request such as those mentioned, but thought that would be topping from below and would be best to leave it to her. She usually surprises me in some delightful way! It worked out very well this year that she had the day off and I was able to come home for a long lunch on my birthday.

We made some personal sized Boboli pizzas and put them in the oven. I had recently confessed to T during a hot sex session while I was on the brink of coming that I sometimes came home for lunch and tortured myself. I told her that I would get naked, put a stretching harness on my balls and nipple stretchers on my nipples. Then I would eat lunch that way and maybe whip my ass before going back to work. She told me that while the pizza baked I should go and dress myself the way I do when home alone for lunch. I quickly stripped and put on the stretchers along with a toy that cinches around the cock head with two short chains dangling from it. I put my robe on as it was chilly and put several brass rings and hooks in the pocket.

We had lunch while I got stretched, then went to the bedroom and I took off the robe. She told me to get out the implement to be spanked with. I got out a small flogger, large flogger, riding crop and a heavy wide leather belt. I placed them on the bed and said I couldn't decide which one, so maybe she would have to use them all (hint hint) T went to my toy drawer and got out the over the door cuffs and a tie. She put the cuffs on my wrists and put them over the door and shut it, so I was strung up against the door. She then tied the tie around my head as a blindfold. This was very unusual and exciting as I couldn't see what she was doing anymore.
We often tell fantasies to each other while having sex. Recently I was talking about tying her up and had mentioned tying rope all over her body including her toes and tying knots on the soles of her feet so she couldn't get away. To walk she would have the knots digging into the delicate soles of her feet.
T brought my slippers over and had me put them on since I was standing on the tile floor. Surprisingly, there was rope knotted in them and I was now standing on the knots. Be careful what you tell your Mistress! She apparently also got the brass rings out of my robe pocket and hung those from the ball stretcher.

Now she started stroking the flogger over me, then began with light swishes of the flogger. We were both very aroused already so it didn't take her long to start flogging me in earnest. Apparently she was flogging my chest to knock the suckers off my nipples. She flogged my belly and my cock and balls. She flogged my sides and around to my ass. I thrust my hips forward so she could get both sides.
Being blindfolded, it was hard to tell sometimes what she was using to beat me with, but she did beat and whip me wonderfully. After a while she opened the door enough to release the cuffs and turn me around so she could do my back and ass in earnest. I believe she stripped during this time too.
She was whipping my ass and thighs hard when we heard a car come down the driveway. She had been expecting a delivery and she said it probably would not be left without her signing for it. She slipped on some clothes and opened the door. She closed the door behind her, leaving me helplessly hanging from the door, red assed and hard cocked. It was very interesting to be there like that, knowing that she was talking to the deliveryman while her husband was bound and naked in the middle of a beating. I suppose in an emergency I could have released myself from the velcro cuffs, but at the moment I felt very helpless as I waited for her to return. When she did, she stripped and had me turn around again so she could pay attention to my front. My cock was very hard and got more so when she belt whipped my nipples. Then she slapped my cheeks and told me to put my tongue out. I held my tongue out for her and she whipped my tongue, very lightly at first, then harder and harder. I was moaning and groaning and squealing when the belt hit my lips. Ouch, that really smarts and not in a good way.
Then T focused on my cock and whipped the hard head with the riding crop. I was so into this and thrust my hips forward as I arched my back and stood on my toes. She whipped my thighs hard and beat my white belly, leaving long red stripes. My balls were still in the stretcher and bulging tight and shiny as she hit them with the belt. I groaned out “Thank you Mistress”. My cock was incredibly hard when she took a piece of ice from her glass and placed it on my cock head. It felt incredible as the ice melted from the heat. She then told me that she was placing the slender piece of ice into the hole in the end of my cock. I could only imagine it as she said it looked like an icicle sticking out of my cock. This was very exciting for her and T was ready to have some pleasure herself.

She untied the blindfold and released me from the cuffs. She laid back on the bed and told me to put my hard cock in her. It felt so good to sink into her wet hotness. Unfortunately, I was way too worked up to give her a fast, hard fucking for more than a minute without risking coming and I pulled out. I pulled her magic wand vibrator out of the drawer and began eating her hot wet pussy while she applied the vibrator to her clit.
I started fingering her and put one, two then three fingers in her wet pussy. She said she wanted more and told me to get out her dildo. I put the small plastic one in her while I put her glass dildo in my mouth to warm it up. I gave her a good show of me sucking that glass cock. I then fucked her with the glass dildo while she brought her self to a squirting orgasm. I pulled the dildo out and she told me to lick her. I gently brought her down from her high while licking up her juices. We rested for a few minutes, then she told me I needed to get dressed and go back to work. My cock was still half erect as I followed her directions and got dressed, washed my face, kissed her goodbye and took my sexual frustration to work for the rest of the day.
What a great birthday beating!

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