Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Saturday morning arousal leads to Sunday play

Saturday morning I woke to feel T spooning me from behind. I wriggled against her and she pulled up her knee and pushed her thigh into my ass crack. I pushed back some more to encourage her. She then reached around front and fondled my cock which was rapidly getting hard. I started alternately humping her thigh and thrusting my cock into her hand. She said this was really getting me going, I must be imagining some good things. Well, then I did start imagining being fucked from behind by a woman with a strap on while I was fucking T with my cock. I was seriously thrusting back and forth now as I imagined the strap on driving up my ass as I pulled out of T. I began groaning and breathing very heavily, then T let go of my cock, rolled away from me and announced that it was time to get up and start our day as we didn't have time to play. I was sooo hot and erect, but she makes the rules and tells me when I can have sex.
After our shower I was lingering around the bedroom and not getting dressed. T asked if I couldn't decided what to wear and I said yes, I was trying to decide what underwear I should get out, hint, hint.
She went to her lingerie drawer and pulled out a pair of purple lace thong style panties and tossed them to me. I don't think I have ever worn panties like this before, the inch wide lace that goes up the back was right up my crack all day, the lace scratching on my ass hole constantly. T said “that's what women have to put up with all the time, wearing clothing designed by men!”. Maybe I would not want to wear them every day, but for this day, I certainly enjoyed the stimulation and the constant reminder that I was wearing pretty purple lace panties for my wife.
It was a busy day, with no further sex play. I hoped that we would have some fun the next morning when our daughter would be away for a few hours.
I slept in those lace thong panties all night. When we awoke I waited to see what might transpire. I hoped T was also thinking about play this morning and wondered if we would shower first and feel free to lick everywhere on our clean bodies. She got out of bed and went for her robe. I was very surprised when she instead took a bunch of her belts off the hooks on the wall. She told me to get out of bed. I hurried to stand before her. She buckled 2 belts tightly around my chest, one above and one below my nipples. Then 2 more as tight as possible around my belly as I sucked in as much as possible. The last was around my hips, pinning my hardening cock in the purple lace. My balls were separated by the thong and bulging out between my legs as she pulled the thong even deeper into my ass crack.

She then picked up my leather belt that I had conveniently left out next to the bed and started gently whipping my belly with it, then whipping my nipples as they bulged out between the tight belts cinching my rib cage tight.
She moved down and whipped my lower belly. She knows I love to cover my soft white belly with red stripes and she gave me many. Next was some lighter strikes on my cock as it bulged against the purple lace, then a few on my balls hanging free from the thong.

Then she told me to turn around and started whipping my ass. After warming up my ass she told me to bend over. That was an interesting feeling with the belts tightly constricting my waist, made even tighter as I bent over and offered up my ass for her to stripe with the belt. After a good bent over beating she had me stand up and come stand by the bed as she sat down. She gave my cock a few more swats, then released the belt pinning it down. Much to our surprise a spurt of pre cum came out right through the lace and we both laughed out loud at the sight. She scooped up the dribble with her finger and placed it at my lips. I dutifully licked it up. She pulled the thong down and released my cock then and licked up the pre cum. It felt wonderful and I hoped she would take it into her mouth. She laid back and took it into her pussy instead. She does love to be fucked and I did just that.
I was soon ready to come and pulled out while she reached for the magic wand vibrator. I got down on my knees by the bed and licked her pussy as she used the vibrator to bring herself to a moaning, squirting orgasm.
After she had recovered from her orgasm, she placed the vibrator on my cock head and turned it on. That sure turned me on and I thought she was going to make me come. I asked for permission to come and she said “No, I don't think you've gone long enough yet, maybe later.” and turned of f the vibrator.

I was denied orgasm, but it had been great sex anyway I look at it. I was happy, yet still aroused and sexually frustrated, just the way we both like me to be.

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Oh that sounds so hot. Wish I was teased like that