Friday, November 21, 2014

Return of the Spanking Marriage blog

I am happy to see that one of my favorite bloggers, Susan at A Spanking Marriage ( has returned to blogging.  I always greatly enjoyed her blogs in the past and wished and hoped that someday I would have a spanking marriage like theirs.
Her most recent post was about the rules in their relationship and I posted a loooong response.
It was so long that I decided to copy it here for posterity:

This set of rules is very much in line with my goals for our flr. My wife and I have a loose, playful form of flr right now, without any real "rules". There are things that I do on a regular basis, but it is really on my own volition and there is not a punishment for not doing so.
Several years ago I had masturbated during my morning shower and then found my wife in bed, very much aroused and ready for sex. I was appalled to find that I could not do that for her because I had just cum. After that I vowed to not ever ruin the opportunity to have sex with her and have pretty much entirely stopped masturbating, other than rare occasions when she is away for a few days and even then I often don't cum, saving that for her. I also have encouraged her to not let me cum without permission when we are together. The tough thing about that is trying to provide her with pleasing intercourse when I am bursting to cum after weeks of denial. She has learned that it is in her best interest to deny me orgasm and keep me in a state of arousal for extended periods as I am very attentive to her then.
I made it my own rule to always sit while using the toilet. She has found that the toilet area stays much cleaner without a male splashing around.
I keep my cock, balls and ass shaved at all times, with her permission. She has recently stated that she does like me that way, so I hope to make this a permanent state.
I do enjoy the occasions when she has me wear panties, but it is not a regular thing, hopefully someday!
I do enjoy when she gives me play spankings, floggings and belt whippings and she seems to be enjoying that more too as she sees how much I enjoy it. I don't think she has ever given me a real punishment spanking. I don't know if I am that good of a husband to never need one.
I do enjoy when she is in control and would appreciate having actual rules and perhaps some required ritual behaviors like kneeling before her at least once a day.
The one thing that she would likely punish me for and I do really need to be controlled from is internet use. I have a very long standing porn addiction and I know that she does not like me viewing it as she sees it as a form of cheating on her.
I truly wish that she could see fit to join me in reading such well reasoned and well written blogs as your to learn that this can be a wonderful, loving lifestyle.
But in her own time, I hope and believe that we will find our way to our mutually happy place.

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