Friday, November 21, 2014

Pleasant Surprise

You never know when life's little surprises will appear. Especially if you have a spontaneous spouse.
After a long day of work, my loving wife wanted to relax with her quilting rather than make dinner right away.  She did the tough part of meal prep, coming up with an idea of what to make.  I told her I would be happy to get supper going and went to the kitchen.
A few minutes later I heard her calling to me and went to the sewing room.  She said "Just because I have my period and am sewing doesn't mean you should not be dressed properly for making dinner for me.  Would you like to be dressed properly?"  I assured her that I would and we went to the bedroom.  I took off my pants and underwear while she went to her lingerie drawer to pick out a pair of panties for me.  She told me to put them on, then present myself for inspection.  She liked what she saw since my cock was hanging out of the large opening in the front of the panties, which was supposed to be in the back, but I knew to wear them backward.  She played with my cock and balls and then began to kiss and suck on it.  I was enjoying this very much when I smelled meat cooking.
"The meat is on the stove!" I exclaimed.  She immediately stopped pleasuring me and I ran to the kitchen.  Fortunately nothing had burned yet.  I went back to the sewing room to report this and she said that I should be punished for leaving food on the stove.  She took me into the bedroom and grabbed a leather belt.  I bent over the end of the bed and she began to gently whip my ass.  I truly enjoy having my ass whipped and she knows it.  She told me to stand up and gently whipped my erect cock.  She was having trouble with her aim and I told her she needs to practice more often. She then got our "cock swatter".  It is a leather fly swatter shaped like a rooster on a wood handle.  It packs a whallop and she swatted my cock and balls with that. She paddled my ass to a nice rosy red. Then a few solid smacks to my nipples.  About then I noticed a wasp crawling on the floor towards me.  I said "There's a bee on the floor". Funny thing is she thought I said I was gonna pee on the floor!
The bee was squashed and so was the fun and games as I dashed off to the kitchen to make dinner.

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lovetosubmit said...

I'd say a big part of the fun for me is the unpredictability. Will I come tonight? Will she tease me? CBT? Tied up, locked up? So much variety for her to choose from!

We can swing between femdom sex and vanilla sex pretty easily. But, thankfully, femdom has been more prevalent. Sex, it seems, is primarily for the wife's pleasure. I get a tremendous amount of enjoyment from it!

I don't want to come across as obsessed with periods, but it has always surprised me how little it's discussed. My wife really didn't talk about it much at all for the first 15 years of our marriage. Almost like she's shamed by it. She still comes quite nicely with the Hitachi, through her pad. Since you mentioned your wife was on her period, what sorts of sex acts do you do when she is on her period?