Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Not a record, but oh what an O!

Eight weeks since my last orgasm and I am really very horny. We have had some great sex in the past two months and TW has had quite a few orgasms. I think back to the line I first heard regarding male orgasm control and denial, “Be careful what you wish for.” When you get to 3 or 4 weeks you think no way could I go two months. I am really feeling ready for or an orgasm now, but still enjoying this and not regretting at all getting started with orgasm denial, even as I approach my record time of 8 weeks and 6 days.

Had some great sex yesterday while we had the house to ourselves, gave TW some great oral, fucked her then she used the magic wand to bring herself to orgasm while I used a glass dildo to fuck her.
This morning we were lucky enough to have the house to ourselves again and I was really looking forward to some hot sex. TW had me wear an old ripped T shirt and a torn pair of her panties to sleep in last night. I had to take LP to sports practice this morning and TW told me to wear the ripped undies under my clothes and hurry back to her. She was running on the treadmill when I got back so I had some breakfast after she told me that I should get out some toys on the bed for her when I was ready to clean the kitchen floor.
I put out two floggers and a riding crop on the bed. I put on the leather ball stretcher harness, strapped on as tight as possible, a leather belt around my waist and a set of tweezer style nipple clamps attached to my nipples through holes I ripped in the old t shirt. She was finishing in the shower by then so I went to present myself for inspection. She inspected me, then pulled my erect cock over the tub and soaped it up. “I don't know where this thing has been.” she said. She sucked my cock, then my shiny tight balls. I knelt on the floor and dried her feet, kissing and worshiping them. She stood and grabbed my hair, “follow me” she said. I crawled on my hands and knees behind her, my face right up against her ass. She stopped when she was one step up the stairs and bent over, pulling my face into her ass crack. I kissed her ass, then nuzzled in deep and kissed and licked her asshole. She went up another step and I kissed her wet pussy. She stood up and said the heck with cleaning the floor, get in the bedroom.
She came in the room and told me to get down on my hands and knees and show her how I would be scrubbing the floor. I got down on my knees and stretched my hands out in front of me, thrusting my ass out. She ripped the back of the t shirt to shreds and ripped the back of the panties into ribbons. I soon felt the flogger gently brushing over my ass. Gentle for a moment, then the welcome flogging began. She must have been feeling hot because she starting flogging me nice and hard. I was totally enjoying this “funishment”. After a few minutes she told me to roll over and I laid on my back so that she could flog my front. She flogged my nipples and one of the clamps slowly and painfully pulled off.
She sucked the nipple as the blood flowed again and left me writhing in delicious agony. She told me to take off the ball harness as my nuts were turning purple.
Then she flogged my cock and balls and inner thighs. I spread my legs and pulled my knees up so that she could have unhindered access. The flogging of my cock stopped and she put the handle of the flogger in my mouth for me to hold took my abused cock into her warm wet mouth. I thought sure I would come then. She wasn't letting that happen and let my throbbing cock out and took the other nipple clamp off, oh damn that hurt! She sucked the blood back into that nipple. Then she stood over me and flogged my cock and balls. She asked if I wanted to come today. I was so conflicted because I knew that if I held out another week I would break my record but I really really wanted to come. I moaned that I didn't want to, but I just wanted to do what ever she wanted. Next I felt her foot on my balls, grinding into them while she flogged by cock. That was sooo hot. She got me hard, then she sat on my face with her sopping wet pussy. She ground on to my face as I licked and sucked for all I was worth. Then she pulled off my face and dragged her pussy all the way down my chest and belly, leaving a wet trail and slid my cock into her. It felt soo good, I thought I would come immediately. She knew I was on the edge and she fucked me hard and deep. Then she started flogging my nipples and I totally lost it. I was nearly incoherent as it was and I had the most intense, roaring, screaming orgasm that I have ever had. Many times over the years I have said “that was the most incredible orgasm ever” and I have to say this was once again, the best I have ever had. I groaned and moaned for several minutes and she didn't let me off easy, continuing to hump me and clench her pussy on my spasming cock. I was completely wasted and just wanted to curl up in a ball and pass out. Eventually her knees gave out and she rolled off me onto the floor next to me.
She said she thought about letting me come in her mouth but decided she wanted to have me come in her whether I wanted to or not, so she fucked me. I totally felt fucked at that point.
I didn't break my orgasm denial record this time, but I didn't mind at all. This was some hot fuck!!!


sub hub in phx said...

My goodness you lead a full and exciting life. I love following your stories!

MRBILL said...

A full life in general, of course not as full as I would wish when it comes to sex. Occasionally though, it is very exciting. I am grateful for that.