Sunday, April 13, 2014

Valentines forked

We made a wonderful seafood dinner for valentines day.  Just the two of us and a long,  dinner that we made together.  Toward the end of the meal TW brought up the topic of the previous weekend when she and our daughter came home while I was making dinner while dressed in slave attire, including being nude with a carrot up my ass and plastic wrap wound around my lower torso to hold the carrot in place.  Fortunately, TW came in the door first and I dashed upstairs without being seen by the little princess.  Whew!  That was too close and TW was very upset with me.
She had been giving me the cold shoulder all week and it was time to get it out in the open.  I knew that I should have gotten dressed sooner and all I could do now was apologize and promise to not let it happen again.  She told me that there will be no more activity of that nature that is not behind locked doors.

We also discussed honesty and my feelings that I felt that I could't talk about things that I knew she didn't agree with.  This came about when she expressed concern that I was still blogging and her concerns about that somehow becoming public knowledge.
I told her that everything was very anonymous.  I told her that I blogged initially just as a way to journal my sex life without storing it on my personal computer.  Although a few people have commented, it's not like I have a social life on line.
For some reason TW has a jealous streak and she worries that I will strike up an on line relationship.  I told her that it is difficult not to be able to talk to anyone about what is a very important part of my life now.
She encouraged me to talk with her more, which would be the best for our relationship.

We took our desert to bed with us, cherry cheesecake, with lots of cherries.  We ate our cake, both saving some cherries for later.  After some foreplay to warm up, T used her fork to spread some of that sweet, sticky cherry on my cock and licked it off.  She used the fork to hold my cock as she sucked and licked.  I was getting very excited to see and feel her poking the tines of the fork into the side of my cock. Then she smeared some cherry on my nipples and licked it off.  She dragged the fork over my nipples then. I made happy sounds to encourage more of that and she poked at my nipples and raked the tines across my chest.
She gave me the fork and I scooped some sticky cherry filling and capped it on her breast and licked it off.  Then I took another scoop and smeared on the other breast, then sucked it off her hardening nipple.  Years ago I had read a Penthouse magazine letter where someone had used a fork on a woman's nipples and I always thought it was one of the hottest things ever. I was so excited to use the fork on her nipples now. I raked the fork down the upper slope of her soft white breast, leaving pink stripes. The tines stopped at the top of the nipple and dug in, causing the nipple to tilt upward as if it were asking to be forked. The fork climbed up the hard nipple, catching on the nubbly bumps, causing her to gasp in response. I pulled up on the top of her breast as the fork raked down the delicate underside.  This was repeated several times, then I switched to the other breast and tortured that one with the fork, finishing each with jabbing the fork time straight into the nipple. She said that she wouldn't have done it so hard on me if she knew what it felt like.  I assured her that my nipples could happily withstand much  more abuse.  Hers had enough though and  she wanted me on top and fucking her. We rolled over and I slid my hard cock into her very wet cunt.  She had both forks now and raked them down my chest and over both nipples.  I was really ready to come and asked if I could. TW said I could and she stabbed both forks hard straight into my nipples.  I yelled out "Pierce my nipples!" and came with a roar.

Wow!  Happy Valentine's day!

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