Friday, April 11, 2014

Taking charge

Timing my arrival for just after TW had gotten out of the shower, I walked into the bathroom with my hard cock sticking out of the leg of her pretty camisole pj set I had been sleeping in.  She took notice of my state and said "Go get a box of tissues out of the closet."  Woah, that was not just a request, that was a command.
I brought back the tissues as she was finishing drying off.  She commented that she had told me what to do, "That's the way you wanted it, right?".  She held her hand up to me, I was clueless for a moment, then realized she wanted me to put her robe on her.  I helped her get it on, then she sat and offered me a foot to dry as I knelt before her.  I finished one foot, placed her slipper on, and switched feet.
"What, no kissing?", she asked.  I guess I was not awake yet.  I tried to explain that I wasn't thinking about kissing her lovely feet because I was thinking about whether she would want lotion this morning.
She stood up and pulled her robe open, inviting me to give her pussy a good morning kiss.  I joyfully did so, then she pushed me away and told me I was not to wear her jammies again since they needed to be washed before I got them all yucky from wearing them too many times. Yes, please control me.


Mistress Marie said...

It seems like things are progressing nicely between you two. I am happy for you.

sub hub in phx said...

Precious moments like those are wonderful!

MRBILL said...

I am so happy too!
I was looking back at some older posts and see that it's been two years now since we got started with this and I first began kissing her feet. Didn't seem like that long, I really like it and she is getting into it too now.