Thursday, April 10, 2014

Pretty little sub used for wife's pleasure

I slept in her pretty little pajama set again last night.  I don't know how long I should wear these, but I guess I will continue to until TW tells me to wear something different. She has teased me about looking pretty in them.  I'm sure she is just saying that to give me a little charge, and it works.
This morning she rolled over and presented her knees so I dutifully planted my balls on them and pressed hard.  I'm sure that nobody could understand why I would want to painfully crush my nuts on my wife's knees like this.  TW probably doesn't know why I do it, but I grind them as I moan in pain and pleasure.
She usually just let's me do this with no response from her, today however she apparently decided that since I was dressed as the wife I should get some attention from the husband.  Her hand found it's way to my side of the bed and stroked my nipple through the silky camisole I was wearing.  After a very brief warmup (about all a man would typically provide) she pushed my shoulder, rolling me on my back, and straddled me.  I helped my cock find it's way and she took it into her pussy.  She was warm and wet.  She began fucking me as she told me that this is how the wife gets taken.  No foreplay, just fucked when her husband wants it, used for his pleasure.  I tried to react like a willing wife, spreading my legs so she could fuck me deep, then pulling my knees up as I imagined myself being spread open wide and taken.  Of course after not having cum for over seven weeks I was ready to do so quickly and she had to pause for me to calm down.  She brought me to the edge several times, then rolled off me, leaving me hard and frustrated.  "That's what the wife feels like when her husband get's his satisfaction and leaves her wanting more", she said.  Of course, with my requested orgasm denial I am used to that feeling, but it was interesting to have it presented in this context while wearing her cute pajamas.
After her shower, I dried and kissed her feet.  I hugged her waist as I knelt before her.  I thanked her for fucking me like a pretty wife.  She said something to the effect of that is way it is now.  I don't know if she was "throwing me a bone", or if she really means that.  She has been doing lots of teasing and giving me attention that she knows I like and I really appreciate that.  She does seem to be enjoying some of it too, and I find that exciting and a little scary.  I'm sure that my long term denial and ramped up dopamine level makes me a little irrational at times, but I really like the way things are going in our relationship and hope that it is a true and lasting path that we continue to follow.


sub hub in phx said...

I saw your headline and my heart raced a little bit thinking it was your Mistress taking a fem sub for her pleasure. When I realized that wasn't what you meant, I was disappointed .... for about 2.3 seconds, then you had my heart racing again. Nice story!

ALL HERS said...

My wife also edges me several times a week and then leaves me there. Says it is good for me to keep that feeling. Of course, she is right. I am going all of 2014 without her giving me permission to orgasm. Really getting too sensitive now that I am in my fourth month . I also wear a silky 2 piece baby doll nightie when I do my housework. Again, like you, she says I look like a wife doing the housework. I also prepare our meals, serve her and clean up. She will relax with tv or check her e mails during that time. Then at least twice a week she gets her orgasms from my tongue and one of her many vibrators. Goes to,sleep then very happy. Actually, I am too.

MRBILL said...

No orgasm for the whole year! Now that is a scary thought, but one that I admit has entered my mind.
My wife asked me last night how long it has been for me. She said that's a really long time, and I was thinking I definitely want to go another week and a half to break my record.
I agree that I find this all makes me happy.